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Resi Deep Cast 15L Kit

Resi Deep Cast 15L Kit

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Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with Resi Deep Cast, the unrivaled epoxy resin from Resi Art. Considered by many as a 'first of its kind' formulation, Resi Deep Cast is sure to impress.

Designed for river tables and creative casting that require a deeper pour & very low peak exothermic temperature. Suitable for depths of up to 100mm in large volumes.

Deep Casts' aromatic ring-free composition ensures an extremely low yellowing product while its user-friendly nature enables hassle-free execution of substantial and large volume pours. It's slower cure time ensures excellent bubble dispersion.

To further increase the longevity and clarity of Deep Cast projects, Resi Deep Cast has proprietary optical-brightening technology that gives a crystal clear & water like appearance to the mixed product. We're confident it's like nothing else on the market.

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