About Us

The Resi Art Difference

We create premium creative resins and pigments available, Australia wide. The Resi Art team is passionate about your project’s success. Backed by extensive testing and validation by real-world creatives, the Resi Art range is sure to impress both you and your potential clients.

Innovators in the Resin space, Resi Art is brought to you by one of Australia's largest resin manufacturers with full access to laboratory testing, quality assurance systems & manufacturing compliance programmes.

Founded from Success

The Resi Art brand is founded from the knowledge, testing and desire to create a resin product to specifically cater to the creative space. Backed by All Purpose Coatings and its parent company Vanta Group, Resi Art was founded from the desire to formulate from scratch a product that ticked all the boxes for creatives.

The All Purpose Coatings range of flooring resins was widely adopted into the creative space with adaptations or adjustments made for slow cure versions, which have experienced extreme success over many projects in the last five years.

The Resi Art brand builds on this success, offering products specifically formulated and designed for use in the creative space that are partnered with well-established distributors, market leading documentation, branding & claims supported by real-world testing.

Proven Quality

Produced in a facility spanning 1.2ha, the Resi Art range is manufactured to APAS & ISO9001 standards. It is certified Australian Made and its manufacturing process is meticulously monitored and overseen by industry professionals who manufacture large volumes of resin products for use by multi-national brands across Australia and the South Pacific. The All Purpose Coatings team who oversee the production of the Resi Art range are quality focused and widely recognised as leaders in the industry.