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Resi Art

Resi Glaze 3L Kit

Resi Glaze 3L Kit

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Excellent for 

Resin art topcoats, Doming, Tumbler/cup turning, and more.

Unleash your creativity with Resi Glaze by Resi Art, the ultimate glazing epoxy resin. Experience a crystal-clear finish that stays vibrant over time, thanks to its low yellowing formula. Watch as it effortlessly self-levels, transforming your artwork into a flawless masterpiece.

With easy application, Resi Glaze is the go-to choice for artists seeking perfection.

Resi Glaze is designed for thin film application and pours specifically under 4mm. It has a hazy appearance in the container thanks to its premium self-leveling additives but cures clear and extremely hard. This product is perfect for adding a glass-like finish and can be applied by pouring, brushing on, or with a roller. It’s an excellent top gloss coat for earrings, tables, tumblers, and more, or it can be tinted with mica powders or pastes to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.

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