Distributing Resi Art

Option One: Distribute the Resi Art Brand

Love the product and the Resi Art branding? Join our network of distributors and sell the product you know and love. Distributors have access to industry-leading support, branding assets, national marketing plans, priority support and so much more.

The Resi Art brand has strict guidelines surrounding product presentation, packaging, performance claims & pricing. Distributors must agree and comply with all Resi Art distribution terms in order to have access to specialty pricing and resources.

Become a Resi Art Distributor Here

Option Two: White Label & Toll Manufacturing

Building your own brand, but would love to carry the Resi Art range of resins? Our White Label & Toll Manufacturing services are just what your business needs. We’ll manufacture & package the Resi Art resins into standard packaging sizes, un-labelled for you to purchase.

Alternatively, for larger volumes and further flexibility, the Resi Art range of resins can be purchased in bulk packaging, and you can decant and re-pack in your brand's choice of sizes & branding.

Businesses who engage in white label arrangements are not bound to the Resi Art Distributors Agreement surrounding pricing, presentation & branding guidelines.