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Resi Metallic 1L Tint Teal

Resi Metallic 1L Tint Teal

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Want to add that designer look to your next resin project? Resi Metallic tints are the way to go!

With their remarkable glass-like finish, these tints will infuse your artwork with a captivating sparkle, elevating its already stunning high-gloss appearance. Metallic Tints allow you to have complete control over the final outcome of your project so that you can explore the abundance of endlessly creative and breathtaking techniques and find a distinctive style that is uniquely yours.

Metallic tints seamlessly integrate with all Resi Art Resin products, ensuring compatibility across the board.

IMPORTANT – Shake the can well prior to use.

Addition Rates: For a solid colour mix 3% Metallic Tint to Mixed Epoxy Resin
Please Note: Addition Rates may vary depending on the desired opacity.

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