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Resi Glitter & Pigment Pot 5g 40pk

Resi Glitter & Pigment Pot 5g 40pk

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Try out a range of Resi Art Glitters & Pigments for size with our handy 5g Resi Glitter & Pigment Sample Pots.
Available in 10, 20 or 40 packs, each with a predetermined set of colours, you'll be able to have a play and find the best option to bring your artwork to life without the big outlay!
40 Pack Colours:
  • Resi Glitters Collection: Liquorice, Spearmint*, Fairy Floss, Blue Tang, Royal Blue, Rose Gold, Berry Blast, Juicy Pink*, Star Dust, Orchid*, Nemo*, Caribbean Sky, Sky Blue, Peppermint
  • Resi Pearl Collection: Violet Pearl, Green Pearl
  • Resi Sparkle Collection: Intense Sparkle White
  • Resi Colour Shift Collection: Violet-Blue/Violet/Red/Orange-Yellow, & Red/Orange/Yellow/Yellow-Green, & Mauve/Red/Orange/Yellow, & Olivine/Violet
  • Resi Metallic Collection: Silver Black, Gold Blue, Magic Blue, Deep Green, Scarlet Red, Magic Violet, Aztec Gold, Dark Yellow, Deep Brown, Flash Gold, Magic Orange, Blackish Green, Flash Red Gold, Red Violet, Dark Purple, Shimmer Gold, Olive Green, Satin Blue, Peach Pink, Scarlet Red

*WARNING: Some colours when entrapped in deep pours may not reflect the same as the colour in the sample pot.

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