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Resi Glitter & Pigment Pot 5g 20pk

Resi Glitter & Pigment Pot 5g 20pk

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Try out a range of Resi Art Glitters & Pigments for size with our handy 5g Resi Glitter & Pigment Sample Pots.
Available in 10, 20 or 40 packs, each with a predetermined set of colours, you'll be able to have a play and find the best option to bring your artwork to life without the big outlay!
20 Pack Colours:
  • Resi Glitters Collection: Liquorice, Spearmint*, Fairy Floss, Blue Tang, Royal Blue, Rose Gold, Berry Blast, Juicy Pink*
  • Resi Pearl Collection: Violet Pearl, Green Pearl
  • Resi Sparkle Collection: Intense Sparkle White
  • Resi Colour Shift Collection: Violet-Blue/Violet/Red/Orange-Yellow, & Red/Orange/Yellow/Yellow-Green
  • Resi Metallic Collection: Silver Black, Magic Blue, Deep Green, Scarlet Red, Magic Violet, Aztec Gold, Dark Yellow

* WARNING: Some colours when entrapped in deep pours may not reflect the same as the colour in the sample pot.

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