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Resi Colour Shift - Red/Orange/Yellow/Yellow-Green

Resi Colour Shift - Red/Orange/Yellow/Yellow-Green

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Colour-Shifting Pigment Powder

Bring your artwork to life with the mesmerising Resi Arts Colour-Shift Pigment collection today!

The exceptional colour-shifting properties allow for an enchanting kaleidoscope of colour in your next resin project. Each Colour-Shift blend uses a mixture of different coloured pigments to create a multidimensional and transient effect in all your Resi Art projects.

The Resi Art Colour Shift collection has been tested to ensure effortless compatibility with all Resi Art products.

Addition Rates: 1–10g per Litre of Mixed Epoxy Resin
Please Note: Addition rates are a guide only and tests should be done to confirm desired outcome.

Red, Orange, Yellow & Yellow-Green Tones.

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